BAM/Tokyo Services

If you are looking for used Japanese cars, we will find the most suitable cars for you and help you obtain them at the lowest cost in money and time. Simply let us know your budget and preference of make, model, maximum mileage, and other requirements on the car.

We will find a car that matches to your specifications and provide you with details and pictures of the car. We will use auctions or used car dealers to find the car.  When you decide to purchase the car, please place your order. Upon receiving your order we begin the process of exporting the car. When the car is ready for shipment, we will ask you for the payment. As soon as we receive your payment we load the car onto the ship.

We ask our customers to pay the total amount by Telegraphic Transfer to our bank account prior to the shipment.  We also ask our customers to assume the bank transfer charge.
Once we ship the car, we will inform you the shipping information and send you the original copy of the forms by international courier service. (EMS or DHL)


BAM/Tokyo Terms & Conditions

As for the payment we ask each customer to pay full amount of the price we quote on the proforma invoice which we send to the customer when the purchased car is ready for shipment. The payment should be done by TT (Telegraphic Wire Transfer) to our bank account. We also ask our customer to assume the bank transfer charge.

Other method of payment
Sorry, we only accept payment by TT (Telegraphic Wire Transfer) at this time.

Terms of payment
We ask each customer to complete the payment within 48 hours after we send the proforma invoice. (Before the exchange rate moves much.)  Upon receiving the payment, we load the car onto the ship.

Shipping charge
We will inform the customer of the latest shipping charge to the customer's designated port in our quotation. The customer can choose to pay the FOB price and pay the shipping charge separately or (s)he can choose to prepay the shipping charge by selecting CF or CIF basis.